Livestock & Chicken

In addition to horse and pet food and supplies, we also carry feed and products for livestock and chickens.* Coming soon: we will be selling live chickens later this year!

ss layerpellcrum PS

Layer and Breeder Pellets

ss layerpellcrum PS

Layer and Breeder Crumbles

ss chickstart

Chick Start-N-Grow Crumbles 

ss 3grainscratch ps

3 Grain Scratch 

ss crackcorn PS

Coarse Screened Cracked Corn 

ss meatbirdmaker PS

Meat Bird Maker Crumbles 

ss rocknrooster PS

Rock-N-Rooster Growth Booster 

ss rocknrooster PS

Rock-N-Rooster Five Grain Scratch

ss sportingbird PS

Sporting Bird Flight Developer (BMD) 

oystershell PS

Poultry Shell (Oyster Shell) 

mannapro oyster PS

MannaPro Oyster Shell 

mannapro chickstartmed PS

MannaPro Medicated Chick Starter 

mannapro poultrygrit PS

MannaPro Poultry Grit 

mannapro chickgrit PS

MannaPro Chick Grit 

mannapro gardendelight PS

MannaPro Garden Delight 

mannapro chickstick PS 

MannaPro Chick Stick

mannapro flockfuel PS 

MannaPro Flock Fuel

mannapro coopcompost PS

MannaPro Coop 'N Compost 

mannapro aureomycin PS 

MannaPro Aureomycin Crumbles

mannapro eggcleanser PS

MannaPro Egg Cleanser 

heated poultryfountain PS

Heated Poultry Fountains 

poultry waterer LG PS

Poultry Waterers (various sizes) 

poultry feeder LG PS

Poultry Feeders 

doublewallfount LG PS

Double Wall Founts 

stillair incubator PS

Still Air Incubators 

auto eggturner PS

Automatic Egg Turners 

quail rails PS

Quail Rails

diatomaceous earth PS

Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) 

ss multistock PS

Multi-Stock 12% Sweet Feed 

ss goatkid feed PS

Southern States Kid & Goat Feed 

ss swine feed PS

Southern States Swine Feed 

ss beefcommodity PS

Southern States Beef Commodity 

ss wholecorn PS

Southern States Whole Corn 

mannapro calfmanna PS

MannaPro Calf-Manna Supplement 

tracemineralsalt CC PS

Trace Mineral Salt Bags 

mixnfine salt CC PS

Mix-N-Fine Salt Bags 

salt block Ranchhouse PS

Salt Blocks 

tracemineral block CC PS

Trace Mineral Salt Blocks 

sulfur saltblock PS

Sulfur Salt Blocks 

salt brick white PS

White Salt Bricks 

salt brick tracemin PS

Trace Mineral Salt Bricks 

goatdeworm positivepellet2 PS

MannaPro Goat Dewormer 

mannapro goatelectro PS

MannaPro Goat Electrolyte 

mannapro goattreats PS

MannaPro Goat Treats 

fossilshellflour PS 

Fossil Shell Flour

feedbucket littlegiant

Feed Buckets (various sizes/colors) 

hookover feeder LG1

Hook Over Feeders (various)

feedpans littlegiant

Feed Pans (various sizes/colors) 

mucktub littlegiant

Muck Tubs (various sizes/colors)

electric fence

Electric Fence Supplies 




*not exhaustive list. Visit our store to see everything we have to offer.