Fertilizers & Chemicals

We carry fertilizer for everything from your lawn to your vegetable garden. In addition, we have a wide variety of chemicals to help with insects, disease, and so much more!*


  • 10-10-10
  • 19-19-19
  • 6-12-12
  • 5-0-20 Lebanon w/ Dimension
  • 12-3-6
  • 32-5-7 Prof.
  • 18-0-4 Lebanon
  • 5-5-25 Lebanon Pro. w/ Barricade
  • 16-4-8
  • 32-0-0
  • 20-0-7 Lebanon Pro.
  • Lime- pellet
  • 18-24-12
  • 5-10-15
  • 32-0-6 Lebanon Pro.
  • Lime- powder

fertilome centipedefert

Centipede Fertilizer

fertilome cent weedfeed

Centipede Weed & Feed

corngluten lawnfood

Corn Gluten Lawn Food 




fertilome rootstim

Root Stimulator

fertilome acr fert

ACR Fertilizer

fertilome gardspecial

All Purpose Fertilizer

fertilome beddingfood

Bedding Plant Food

fertilome bloomroot

Blooming & Rooting Plant Food 

fertilome roseflower

Rose & Flower Food 

fertilome tomatoveggie

Tomato & Vegetable Food 

fertilome fruitpecanfood

Fruit, Citrus, & Pecan Tree Food 

hiyield bonemeal

Bone Meal

hiyield gardenfert

Garden Fertilizer 

hiyield bloodmeal

Blood Meal 

hiyield dutchbulbfood

Dutch Bulb Food

natguard soilactiv

Soil Activator

miraclegro bloomboost

Bloom Booster 


Dried Blood 

espoma Plant-Tone


espoma rosetone


espoma biotone

Bio-Tone Starter Plus 

espoma hollytone


espoma triplephos

Triple Phosphate 

espoma greensand

Green Sand 

osmocote vegandbedd

Osmocote Vegetable & Bedding  

osmocote outandin

Osmocote Outdoor & Indoor 

osmocote flowerandveg

Osmocote Flower & Vegetable


Cottonseed Meal 

avenger organicfert

Organic Granular Fertilizer 


Moss Max 

bonide alum sulfate

Aluminum Sulfate 

bonide liquidiron

Liquid Iron 


Fast Acting Iron


Fast Acting Lime 

espoma orggardenlime

Organic Garden Lime 



espoma potash


espoma treetone


atlantis fishfert

Fish Fertilizer 

soildr gypsum


Jacks Classic Blossom Booster

Blossom Booster 

jacks acidspecial ns

Acid Special Plant Food

Jacks Classic All Purpose

All Purpose Plant Food

miraclegro acr food

Miracle Gro A.C.R. Food 

miraclegro liquafeedkit

Miracle Gro Liquafeed 

miraclegro allpurp

Miracle Gro All Purpose 

miraclegro rosefood

Miracle Gro Rose Food 

miracid nursselect


miraclegro tomato

Miracle Gro Tomato Food 

miraclegro lawnfood

Miracle Gro Lawn Food 

miraclegro gardenfeeder

Miracle Gro Garden Feeder 


fertilome tomatopepperset

Fertilome Tomato & Pepper Set

fertilome weedout

Fertilome Weed Out with Q

fertilome insectdrench

Tree & Shrub Insect Drench

fertilome fireant

Come and Get It Fire Ant Killer

fertilome dustingsulfur

Fertilome Dusting Sulfur 

fertilome molego

Fertilome Mole Go 

fertilome fireblight

Fertilome Fire Blight Spray 

fertilome weedfreezone

Fertilome Weed Free Zone 

fertilome dipeldust

Fertilome Dipel Dust 

fertilome yieldbooster

Fertilome Yield Booster 

fertilome fstop

Fertilome F-Stop 

fertilome aqueduct

Fertilome Aqueduct

hiyield thuricide

Hi-Yield Thuricide 

hiyield captan

Hi-Yield Captan Fungicide 

hiyield bugblaster

Hi-Yield Bug Blaster 

hiyield grubfreezone

Hi-Yield Grub Free Zone

hiyield weedstopdimension

Weed Preventer w/ Dimension 

hiyield limesulfur

Hi-Yield Lime Sulfur 

naturalguard insectcontrol

Crawling Insect Control 


Nature's Avenger Weed Killer 

imustgarden deerrepellant

I Must Garden Deer Repellant 

imustgarden insectcontroll

I Must Garden Insect Control 

imustgarden rabbit

I Must Garden Rabbit Repellant 

imustgarden squirrel

I Must Garden Squirrel Repellant 

biodefend deerrabbit

Deer & Rabbit Repellent 

biodefend gooserepell

Goose Repellent 

amine24D ns

2, 4-D Amine 


Acephate Pro 90 

agrisel fungicide

Agrisel Biophos Fungicide 

agrisel grassout 

Agrisel Grass Out

agrisel diquat

Agrisel Diquat Herbicide

agrisel glyphosel

Agrisel Gly Pho-sel Herbicide 

upstargold ns 

Up-Star Gold Insect Killer

agrisel shurkill 

Agrisel Shur-Kill

agrisel surflan

Agrisel Surflan Herbicide 

bonide houseinsect

Household Insect Control 

bonide borerminer

Borer-Miner Killer 

bonide antfleatick

Ant, Flea, & Tick Granules 

bonide snakestopper

Snake Stopper 

bonide dogcatrepell

Dog & Cat Repellent 

bonide sedgeender

Sedge Ender

bonide granules

Systemic Insect Granules 

bonide stumpout

Stump Killer 

bonide mancozeb

Fungicide for Vegetables 

bonide turbosticker

Turbo Spreader Sticker 

bonide rotstop

Rot Stop 

bonide fungonil


bonide fruittreespray

Fruit Tree Spray 

bonide allseasonsoil

All Seasons Oil 

bonide moletox

Moletox Baited Gel 

bonide insectfog

Insect Fog 

bonide mosquitobeater

Mosquito Beater 

bonide eightspray 

Eight Spray

bonide eightvegfruit

Eight Fruit/Vegetable/Flower 

bonide eightdust

Eight Garden Dust 

bonide insectsoap

Insecticidal Soap 

bonide infurse

Infuse Disease Control 

bonide pruningsealer

Pruning Sealer 

bonide shotgun

Shotgun Animal Repellent 

bonide wasphornet

Wasp & Hornet Killer 

bonide copperfung

Copper Fungicide 

bonide slugmagic

Slug Magic 

bonide rootingpowder

Rooting Powder 

bonide roseflowercare

Systemic Rose & Flower Care 

bonide houseplant

Houseplant Insect Control 

bonide malathion

Malathion Insect Control 

bonide mosquitopouches

Mosquito Beater Pouches 

bonide neemoil

Neem Oil 

bonide insect control

Systemic Insect Control 

sevin spray



Sevin Dust 

bayer roseflower

Bayer Rose & Flower 

bayer lawnweed

Bayer Weed/Crabgrass Killer 

bayer treeshrub

Bayer Tree & Shrub 

bayer homepest

Bayer Home Pest 

bayer 3in1insect

Bayer Insect, Disease & Mite 

bayer allinonerose

Bayer All-in-One Rose & Flower 

bayer funguslawns

Bayer Lawn Fungus Control 

bayer treeshrub

Bayer Tree & Shrub 

bayer anttermite

Bayer Carpenter Ant & Termite 

bayer termite

Bayer Termite Killer

bayer disease

Bayer Disease Control

bayer grubcontrol

Bayer Grub Killer

bayer lawnweed

Bayer All-in-One Weed Killer

bayer seasonlongweed

Bayer Season Long Weed Control

bayer citrusfruitveg

Bayer Fruit, Citrus & Veg Insect

bayer bermudacontrol

Bayer Bermuda Control

bayer multiinsect

Bayer Multi-Insect Killer 

ss broadleafweed

Broadleaf Weed Control 


Weed B Gon 


Grass B Gon 

BugBGon Ortho

Bug B Gon 


Ground Clear Vegetation Killer


Weed Impede 

Turflon Ester

Turflon Ester 

image weedkiller

Image Weed Killer 

image yearlong

Image Vegetation Killer 

image brushvine

Image Brush & Vine Killer 

greenlight neem

Green Light Neem II 

greenlight spinosad

Green Light Spinosad Spray 

greenlight compleet

Green Light Compleet 41% 

greenlight manypurpose

Many Purpose Dust 

greenlight rosedefense

Green Light Rose Defense 

greenlight conquest

Green Light Conquest Insecticide

greenlight portrait

Portrait Weed Preventer 

greenlight antcontrol

Fire Ant Control w/ Conserve 

greenlight rosedust ns

Green Light Rose & Flower Dust 

greenlight tomatobloom

Green Light Tomato Bloom Spray 


Eraser Herbicide 

finale weedkiller

Finale Herbicide 


Liquid Fence 

roundup concentrate

Roundup Concentrate 

roundup pro

Roundup Pro 

roundup pumpngo

Roundup Pump N Go 

roundup rtu

Roundup Ready-to-use 

treekote wounddressing

Tree Wound Dressing 

saferhomepatrol insect

Safer Insect Killer

safer gardenfungicide

Safer Garden Fungicide

safer japbeetletrap

Japanese Beetle Trap

safer replacebait

Beetle Trap Replacement Bait

safer replacebags

Beetle Trap Replacement Bags

molemax sonicspike

MoleMax Sonic Spikes




Turf Herbicide

duranon tick

Tick Repellent

overnout antkiller

Over 'N Out Ant Killer

trapntoss flytrap

Fly Traps

sa atrazine

St. Augustine Weed Killer

sa brush killer

Brush Killer

basagran sedge

Sedge Control

ramik greenratpoison

Rat Poison



avenger fishfert

Liquid Fish Fertilizer

avenger kelpfert

Liquid Kelp Fertilizer


Wet & Forget 

martins insectgrowthreg

Insect Growth Regulator

martins surrender

Surrender Fire Ant Killer

concern Diatomaceousearth

Diatomaceous Earth

drt mole control

Whole Control Mole Repellent

sweeneys allseason deer

All Season Deer Repellent


Poison Peanuts


Mosquito Dunks

talstar insecticide

Talstar Insecticide

thermacell mosquitolantern

Mosquito Lantern

thermacell mosquitorepell

Mosquito Repellent Refills



*not exhaustive list