Soil, Mulch, & Rock

We carry a wide range of soils, soil amendments, mulches, and rock both in bulk and/or bags*.


topsoil jg

Top Soil- Bag

garden soil jg

Garden Soil- Bag

pottingsoil jg

Potting Soil- Bag

miraclegro gardensoil

Garden Soil- Miracle Gro 

miraclegro pottingsoil

Potting Soil- Miracle Gro 

miraclegro organicsoil

Organic Garden Soil- Miracle Gro 

miraclegro treeshrubsoil

Tree & Shrub Soil- Miracle Gro 

promix bale

Promix Bx 

promix biofung2

Promix Bx Biofungicide 

promix pottingseeding

Promix Potting & Seeding 

promix ultimatecontainer

Promix Ultimate Container Mix 

fertilome ultimatemix

Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix

fertilome african violet

Fertilome African Violet Soil 

fertilome cactus mix

Fertilome Cactus Soil 

fertilome orchid

Fertilome Orchid Mix

fertilome ultimatesmall

Fertilome Ultimate- small bag

pottingsoil bulk ns 

Potting Mix- bulk

filldirt bulk ns 

Fill Dirt- bulk 

pottingsoil bulk ns 

Top Soil- bulk 



perlite fertilome


vermiculite fertilome


cow manure

Cow Manure 

clm mrnatural 1


henmanure mrnatural 1

Hen Manure Compost 



wormcastings large 1

Worm Castings 

mushroom compost jg

Mushroom Compost 

soilcondition ns

Soil Conditioner 

peatmoss bale

Peat Moss  


hardwoodmulch 1 cypressmulch jg Pine Mulch blackmulch jg
brownmulch jg redmulch jg bignuggets mininuggets

redmulch bulk ns2 Red Mulch- bulk 

brownmulch bulk ns2 Brown Mulch- bulk 

blackmulch bulk ns Black Mulch- bulk 

pinestraw ns Pine Straw- bales 

wheatstraw ns Wheat Straw- bales 

bermudahay ns Coastal Bermuda Hay- bales 



sand bags ns Sand 

drainage rock ns Drainage Rock 

eggrock ns Egg Rock 

marblechips ns Marble Chips

peagravel nsPea Gravel

riversand bulk nsRiver Sand - bulk

gravel bulk ns Gravel - bulk

boulders ns Two-Man Boulders - by the lb

flatstone perlb ns Flagstone- by the lb

rock bulk ns2 Ledge Rock- by the lb

riverround rock ns River Round Rock- by the lb

rock bulk ns Bulk Rock- by the lb

*inventory subject to change