Grass Seed*

ky31fescue ns2

KY31 Fescue Seed


Titan Rx Fescue 

oregongrown ryegrass

Gulf Annual Ryegrass 

bulldog fescue4

Bulldog 51 Fescue

bermuda small bag



Creeping Red Fescue

zoysia seed

Zoysia Seed

centipede seed

Centipede Seed

Vegetable Seed & Herb Seed*- We carry it in bulk and also individual packets from Athens Seed:

greenbeans public  corn ears public  collards publicdomain  watermelons publicdomainpics 

Beans- 242 Fordhook Bush Lima Bean Beans- Contender BushBean Beans- Henderson Bush Lima Bean
Beans- Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Bean Beans- Kentucky Wonder Bean Beans- King of the Garden Pole Lima Bean
Beans- McCaslan Bean Beans- Mountaineer Half Runner Bean Beets- Detroit Dark Red
Broccoli- Waltham Cabbage- Flat Dutch Cantaloupe- Hale's Best
Cantaloupe- Rocky Ford Carrots Chard- Fordhook Swiss Chard
Collards- Georgia Corn- Golden Queen Hybrid Sweet Corn- Hickory King
Corn- Merit Corn- Peaches 'n Cream Hybrid Sweet Corn- Silver Queen
Corn- Trucker's Favorite Cucumber- Long Green Cucumber- National Pickling
Garlic Bulbs Horseradish Roots Kale- Siberian
Lettuce- Bibb Lettuce- Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce- Iceberg
Mesclun Mixed Greens Mustard- Florida Broadleaf
Mustard- Southern Giant Curled Okra- Clemson Spineless Peas- Big Boy Cowpea
Peas- Brown Crowder Pea Peas- Colossus Cowpea Peas- Knuckle Purple Hull Cowpea
Peas- Pinkeye Purple Hull Pea Peas- White Dixie Butterpea Peas- Zipper Cream Pea
Radish- Sparkler White Top Rape- Dwarf Essex Rhubarb Roots
Rutabaga- Purple Top Spinach- Bloomsdale Squash- Walton Butternut Winter
Tomatoes- Better Boy Tomatoes- Rutgers Turnips- 7 Top
Turnips- Purple Top Watermelon- Black Diamond Watermelon- Charleston Grey
Watermelon- Tendersweet Zucchini- Black Beauty

Also including seed packets by:

burpee logo 2012 cantaloupe public thyme public 

Beans Beets Broccoli Cantaloupe Chard Collards Corn Cucumber
Horseradish Kale Lettuce Mixed Greens Mustard Okra Onions Peas
Potatoes Rape Rhubard Radish Spinach Squash Turnips Watermelon
Zucchini Basil Chives Cilantro Lavender Oregano Rosemary Thyme


Flower Seed* by: burpee logo 2012









 Morning Glory




 Sweet Peas




cosmos public dianthus sweetwilliam public








 Elephant Ears






daffodils public tulips magenta public

Organic Seed by burpee logo 2012

Rocket Arugula Basil- Genovese

Basil- Sweet

Garden Bean- Blue Lake White-seeded Beet- Bull's Blood Beet- Detroit Dark Red
Cabbage- Red Acre Cantaloupe- Hearts of Gold Carrot- Danvers 126
Chives Chives- Garlic Cilantro
Cucumber- Sweet Burpless Hybrid Eggplant- Louisiana Long Green Lettuce- Black Seeded Simpson
Lettuce- Gourmet Blend Lettuce- Salad Bowl Mesclun- Classic Mix
Mustard- India Okra- Clemson Spineless Onion- Evergreen Long White Bunching
Pea- Oregon Sugar Pod Pea- Sugar Daddy Hot Pepper- Jalapeno Early 
Sweet Pepper- California Wonder Pumpkin- Small Sugar Radish- Cherry Belle
Radish- French Breakfast Spinach- Bloomsdale Long Standing Summer Squash- Black Beauty
Summer Squash- Burpee's Fordhook Zucchini Summer Squash- Early Prolific Straightneck Summer Squash, Early Summer Crookneck
Winter Squash- Burgess Buttercup Sunflower- Mammoth Tomato- Beefsteak
Tomato- Burpee's Long-Keeper Tomato- Gardener's Delight Tomato- Roma
Tomato- Yellow Pear Watermelon- Allsweet Watermelon- Bush Sugar Baby

carrots public okra public  radishes public  sunflower public small 

*not exhaustive lists. Seed and Bulbs are seasonal products, with inventory changing depending on the time of year.