Below are some services* we provide our customers. Prices are delivery fees only (does not include price of product itself).

pinestraw ns  spruce fatalbert ns 

Pine straw delivery: 40 bale minimum

$25 (40-100) or $50 (101-200)

Tree Delivery

$50 (per trip, not per tree) 

 nspic219 - Copy nspic115 - Copy 

Shrub & Flower Delivery

$35.00 (per delivery)

Bagged Material 

$30.00 (per delivery)

nspic81 small  nspic78 small 

Landscape Timbers 6x6x8 (32 in bundle)

$30 per delivery (dump only)  

Bulk Mulch (sold by cubic yard)

$35 per delivery (max 8 yards per delivery) 

filldirt bulk ns 

 pottingsoil bulk ns

Fill Dirt (by the cubic yard)

$35 per delivery (max 4 yards) 

Landscape Mix (by the cubic yard)

$35 per delivery (max 5 yards) 

topsoil bulk ns 

pottingsoil bulk ns 

Natural Top Soil (by the cubic yard)

$35 per delivery (max 4 yards) 

Planting Soil (by the cubic yard)

$35 per delivery (max 5 yards) 

riversand bulk ns 

 gravel bulk ns

River Sand (by cubic yard)

$35 per delivery (max 3 yards) 

Gravel (by cubic yard)

$35 per delivery (max 3 yards) 

 propanesign small

Propane Re-fill 


We do not deliver pallets or pieces of Sod or Bulk Rock/Stone

*pictures not exact representation of our product. prices subject to change.