Here is a sampling of the roses you can find at Northside*

Shrub Roses and Groundcover Roses

knockout red ns small Red Knock Out®**

knockout pink ns small Pink Knock Out®**

knockout white ns small White Knock Out® 

knockout sunny ns small Sunny Knock Out® 

knockout rainbow1 edit Rainbow Knock Out®

driftrose pink1 edit Drift® Rose- Pink

driftrose peach ns small Drift® Rose- Peach 

driftrose apricot ns2 small Drift® Rose- Apricot 

driftrose coral1 edit Drift® Rose- Coral

driftrose sweet1 edit Drift® Rose- Sweet 

driftrose icy ns Drift® Rose- Icy 

driftrose red1 edit Drift® Rose- Red 

English Roses: "flowers are densely filled with petals, much like antique roses, and most possess a strong fragrance that harkens back to old-fashioned tea roses. Yet their growth habits, health, and, most of all, their tendency to repeat bloom, are an improvement on their ancestors. English roses are a good choice for cutting gardens. Their full, intensely perfumed flowers make sumptuous bouquets. Some varieties climb if left unpruned and can be trained along a fence or arbor."

rose davidaust abradarby public David Austin® Abraham Darby 

rose davidaustinmary edit David Austin® Mary Rose 

rose davidaust heritage edit David Austin® Heritage 

rose davidaust goldenceleb editDavid Austin® Golden Celebration   

Climbing Roses: "limbing varieties develop long canes well adapted to training on pillars, fences, arbors, and gazebos. Most climbing roses are mutations or variations of bush-type varieties. They develop either large, single flowers or clustered blooms on a stem. Climbers may bloom once a season or continually, depending on the variety."

rose america1 editAmerica™ Climbing Rose 

rose blaze1 editBlaze Improved Climbing Rose  

rose donjuan1 editDon Juan Climbing Rose  

rose goldenshowers publicGolden Showers Climbing Rose  

rose josephcoat1 editJoseph's Coat Climbing Rose 

rose ladybanks1 editLady Banks Climbing Rose  

rose newdawn publicNew Dawn Climbing Rose  

rose pearlygates1 editPearly Gates™ Climbing Rose 

rose redcascade1 editRed Cascade Climber or Groundcover 

rose westerland publicWesterland Climbing Rose 

rose williambaffin1 editWilliam Baffin Climbing Rose 



Hybrid Tea Roses: "most roses at florist shops are hybrid tea varieties. The form of a hybrid tea rose is tall and upright, with sparse foliage toward the base. The blooms develop singly on long stems, and the buds are often as elegant as the open blooms."

rose barbrastreisand1 editBarbra Streisand  

rose brandy1 editBrandy 

rose chicagopeace1 editChicago Peace  

rose chryslerimperial1 editChrysler Imperial  

rose doubledelight1 editDouble Delight  

rose elizabethtaylor1 editElizabeth Taylor 

rose elle1 editElle 

rose fallinginlove1 editFalling in Love™ 

rose firefighter1 editFirefighter  

rose firstprize1 editFirst Prize 

rose fragrantcloud1 editFragrant Cloud 

rose gentlegiant1 editGentle Giant™ 

rose grandedame1 editGrande Dame™ 

rose hotelcalifornia1 editHotel California 

rose inthemood1 editIn the Mood™ 

rose johnfkennedy1 editJohn F. Kennedy 

rose lastinglove1 editLasting Love™ 

rose marilynmonroe1 editMarilyn Monroe™ 

rose memorialday1 editMemorial Day™ 

rose midastouch1 editMidas Touch™ 

rose missallamer1 editMiss All-American Beauty 

rose misterlincoln1 editMister Lincoln 

rose moonstone1 editMoonstone 

rose oklahoma1 editOklahoma 

rose overthemoon publicOver the Moon™ 

rose peace1 editPeace 

rose perfectmoment1 editPerfect Moment 

rose perfumedelight1 editPerfume Delight

rose pinkpeace1 editPink Peace 

rose rememberme1 editRemember Me 

rose riosamba1 editRio Samba 

rose stpatrick1 editSt. Patrick™ 

rose sunsetcelebration1 editSunset Celebration 

rose sweetsurrender weeks edit Sweet Surrender

rose touchofclass weeks edit Touch of Class

rose tropicana1 edit Tropicana

rose veteranshonor1 edit Veterans' Honor®

rose wesaluteyou weeks edit We Salute You™

rose goodasgold nsGood As Gold


Floribunda Roses: "offer a bouquet on every branch. The small flowers look like elegant hybrid tea blooms but appear in clusters instead of one flower per stem. Floribundas are a cross between polyantha species roses and hybrid teas, combining hardiness, free flowering, and showy, usually fragrant blooms."

rose angelface weeks editAngel Face

rose brillpinkiceberg public Brilliant Pink Iceberg

rose burgundyiceberg public Burgundy Iceberg

rose cincodemayo public Cinco de Mayo™

rose daybreaker public Day Breaker™

rose distantdrums1 editDistant Drums

rose dropdeadred weeks editDrop Dead Red 

rose hotcocoa public Hot Cocoa™

rose iceberg public Iceberg

rose juliachild ns smallJulia Child

rose ketchupmustard1edit Ketchup & Mustard™

rose kokoloko ns Koko Loko™

rose livineasy2 ns Livin' Easy™

rose moondance weeks edit Moondance™

rose shockwave nsShockwave

rose sparkleshine2 ns Sparkle & Shine™

rose trumpeter2 nsTrumpeter

rose vavoom weeks edit Vavoom™

rose whitelicorice weeks editWhite Licorice™


Grandiflora: "Grandiflora roses blend the best traits of hybrid teas and floribundas. They produce the same elegantly shaped blooms as hybrid teas, but in long-stemmed clusters that continually repeat, like floribundas. The plants tend to be tall (up to 7 feet), hardy, and disease-resistant."

rose corettascott weeks edit Coretta Scott King

rose fragrantplum weeks edit Fragrant Plum

rose goldmedal2 ns Gold Medal

rose heartogold2 ns Heart O' Gold™

rose love ns small Love

rose melodyparfume nsMelody Parfumee

rose queenelizabeth ns small Queen Elizabeth

rose rockroll ns Rock & Roll™

rose strikeitrich publicStrike It Rich®

rose sunshinedaydream weeks editSunshine Daydream™

rose twilightzone nsTwilight Zone 


Tree Roses

rose treetwofer weeks editTwo-fer™ Tree Roses

rose easydoesit4 nsEasy Does It

rose iceberg public Iceberg

rose juliachild ns small Julia Child

rose kokoloko ns Koko Loko™

rose lavaflow weeks edit Lavaflow

rose livineasy2 nsLivin' Easy 

rose lovesong ns small Love Song™

rose redribbons ns Red Ribbons

rose sexyrexy ns - smallSexy Rexy 

rose trumpeter nsTrumpeter 


*not exhaustive list. inventory subject to variation and change.

**available in standard and double